Can I watch performances at any time or only on the release date?
After release, most performances will stay up for the duration of the season. Some performances, due to performance and copyright permissions, may be taken down after one month. This will be indicated in the performance page.

I am having trouble logging in. What am I doing wrong?
Make sure the email you are using to log in is the email associated with your TheConcertHall.ca account. If you have forgotten your password, try the “reset my password” button on the login pop-up window.

I already have a Vancouver Symphony Orchestra account. Do I still need to create an account for TheConcertHall.ca?
Yes. TheConcertHall.ca is a brand new streaming concert service. Your account information from vancouversymphony.ca is non-transferrable. Please create a new account on TheConcertHall.ca.

Do I need a link or code to be able to stream performances?
No. Viewing content on our platform is as simple as going to www.theconcerthall.ca, logging into your account, navigating to a performance you wish to watch, and clicking play to start the video. No links or further codes are required.

How can I be sure that I will receive updates regarding TheConcertHall.ca?
Please make sure you add info@theconcerthall.ca to your safe contacts list. If you use gmail inbox filters, our emails are often tagged as promotions. Look in promotions if you can't find our emails.

When do new concerts become available?
We will release a new performance each week. Releases are typically Friday evenings at 7:30pm though some concerts, including the Origino Kids Series will be released on Sunday afternoons at 2pm. After the premiere performance, concerts will stay up for for later viewing at your leisure. Visit the Release Schedule page for details of upcoming performances.

Can I change my email address and password after I’ve created my account?
Yes. When logged in, click the “My Account” tab in the top menu of TheConcertHall.ca page to modify your account information. Please note: you are not able to create multiple accounts or subscriptions with one email address.

What payment methods do you accept?
TheConcertHall.ca subscription payments are processed by a third-party company called Stripe. Stripe accepts most major credit cards and direct debit payment via PayPal. Stripe does not accept cash or cheque payments.

I did not receive an email receipt after completing my purchase – can I still have one sent to me?
Please check your Junk/Spam folder and also confirm that the email address you registered is spelled correctly. If you are still not able to locate the receipt, please contact info@theconcerthall.ca.

Are discounts available for students?
Students can receive a discount by emailing a request for a student discount along with a scan of current full-time student ID to info@theconcerthall.ca.

I have a voucher or credit from a past season with the VSO, so can I put this towards my TheConcertHall.ca Membership?
You can use your VSO credits for live VSO performances as soon as we can bring audiences back to the concert hall. Because TheConcertHall.ca is operated on a separate system from our Tessitura ticketing system and therefore credits cannot be transferred.

Are any concerts available to stream for free?
There will be a number of performances and interviews that you can watch without a subscription. They are marked Free on the platform.

Can I gift a Subscription to someone?
Yes. Please contact info@theconcerthall.ca for more information.

I would like to extend my subscription. Can I do this?
Currently, the best way to extend your subscription is to purchase a new one when your current subscription expires.

Does my 1-year Subscription end exactly one year after my purchase date, or per a schedule of the concerts available?
Yes, subscriptions are set for a calendar year from date of purchase. Likewise, the 7-Day and 30-Day Subscriptions are active from the date of purchase to the end of the membership term.

Can I purchase a ticket to stream a single concert in TheConcertHall.ca?
Your subscription gives you access to all content on TheConcertHall.ca. You can choose 7-days, 30-days, or annual subscriptions here.

Can I re-watch concerts?
Yes. You can re-watch performances as often as you like.

Are concerts available in HD?
Yes. Performances will be presented in 1080p HD video and audio format. Our web player will automatically adjust the stream quality to adjust to the bandwidth available with your internet connection. To ensure the best quality performance make sure you have a 5gbps or higher connection speed.

What are the Internet requirements for viewing content on The Concert Hall.ca?
The minimum connection speed for SD quality streaming is 0.5 Mbps. You should have at least a 5Mbps connection to watch full quality 1080p video.

Are concerts available for purchase in any physical formats (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, etc.)?
Unfortunately, concerts are not available for purchase in these formats at this time.

Can I record or download concerts?
No. You are not allowed to download or attempt to record performances from TheConcertHall.ca.

Can I stream The Concert Hall.ca performances on television sets, Blu-Ray players, mobile devices, etc.?
Yes. As long as these devices have an integrated Internet connection that can navigate to TheConcertHall.ca, or can be paired with a device that has Internet connection, you can watch on these devices. See the How It Works page for details.

I have a suggestion for TheConcertHall.ca, how and where can I send it to?
Please send any questions or feedback by email to info@theconcerthall.ca

My video isn't streaming at full quality or the quality changes. Is there a solution?
Our video player tries to deliver the highest quality stream possible to your computer. To do so it automatically adjusts the quality of the stream based on your internet speed. You can check your internet speed here. Click “Go” to test your internet connection. If you get a download result under 5 Mbps, you may experience a lower quality stream.

For more information, please see our How It Works page.